Categories of possible projects with a credit pool

credit pool

Realize the financing of your personal projects with the purchase of credits, thanks to the complimentary cash.

Need development, work, change the vehicle or anticipate its transition to retirement … By consolidating your credits and incorporating cash, all projects are achievable without putting you in a difficult financial situation.

We do not always know how to set up a specific project as part of a credit buyback. Where to start? From whom to inquire? Here are some tips to help you make your project a reality. Discover the different financing solutions with Crédigo to finance your new personal projects.

Project Category Works

Veranda, terrace, garden shed, garage or pool, construction projects can be envisaged thanks to the acquisition of an integrated treasury in the repurchase of loans are multiple

Complimentary cash flow in the redemption of credits is a good way to prepare for the new costs associated with the arrival of a child. Juvenile equipment and housing development generate significant expenses.

Project Category Housing


Additional cash in a pool of loans can finance development projects such as the purchase of appliances, new furniture or the transformation of an attic.

  • Financing development projects: Furnish and decorate your home
  • Finance your attic or attic: Transform your attic or attic
  • Finance your interior decoration: Decorate your interior
  • Project example: Layout his attic and his loft of Jean-Luc
  • Sample project: Project decorate his interior of Michel

Project Category Buying or repairing a vehicle

It is possible to buy or repair a vehicle by integrating cash into a pool of credits.

  • Financing or repairing a vehicle: Acquiring a two-wheeler or a car
  • Finance your car: Acquire a new car
  • Financing your two wheels: offering yourself a two-wheelers
  • Project example: Project to buy a car with Penelope
  • Project example: Purchase a two-wheel project with Jean-Dominique

Project Category Renovate Habitat

Project Category Renovate Habitat

Improving the quality of life in one’s home often involves major renovation work at a high cost. By taking the time to select what you want, you can specify your financial need to request cash in your purchase of credits.

  • Financing the renovation of your home: Renovating your home or apartment
  • Financing the insulation of your home: Better isolate your home by changing your windows
  • Financing Bathroom Renovation : Useful Tips for Renovating and Reviving Your Bathroom
  • Project example: Project to renovate its windows with Jean-Claude
  • Project example: Project to build a house with Alain

Project category Prepare your trip

Honeymoon, family vacation, alone, club or backpack, a pool of credits including cash can be a good way to make a holiday.

  • Financing your holidays: Financing a trip, a holiday
  • Finance your holidays: Plan and organize your holidays
  • Financing Your Vacation: Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Honeymoon
  • Project example: Project prepare your holidays 
  • Project example: Project planning your holidays

Project Category Anticipating Retirement

Important step in his professional life, going into retirement requires preparation.You anticipate this change financially by including a cash flow in your loan pool.

  • Financing your retirement: Financially anticipating your retirement
  • Keeping a balanced budget: Retaining a balanced budget when you retire
  • Sample project: Finding a better purchasing power with Nicole
  • Project example: Project planning for retirement

Project category Thinking about the future of loved ones

To offer the best to one’s children by financing their studies or by contributing to their marriage or their pacs, that can become possible by carrying out a regrouping of credits integrating a cash intended for these projects.

  • Thinking about the future of your loved ones: Financing studies, marriage or the pacs of your children
  • Financing the studies of your children: Thinking about your children’s studies
  • Project example: Finance studies with Mathieu
  • Sample project: Thinking about the future of his family with Véronique

Project Category Acquire a new property

Grouping your credits to access the property for the first time or to get fresh air in your secondary home is possible. A request for cash integrated into a loan buyback process can be a way to finance a real estate project.

Project Category Pooling Credits

Project Category Pooling Credits

Grouping your credits allows you to simplify the management of your budget, to start on a healthier financial basis and to save in the event of a hard blow. With the purchase of credits, you go from several repayments to one single.